Being the grandson of the most talked about & talented Mysore Palace artist late Y.Subramanya Raju and the son of a passionate photographer who launched his photography brand Chitrakar in 1974, art & photography had to flow into my genes without a second option.

Despite a lineage worth much envy, sustenance in any career requires love for the profession, sheer competence, in-depth acumen, and abundant respect for one’s clientele.

From the dark room to the light room

My photography journey began a few years after my dad’s demise, at the early age of 17, alongside my elder brother on guidance. I still remember how I used to struggle with my R&D games on lighting whilst balancing the completion of my education. Today, with a career spanning across 20 broad years, I realize how those fun-filled times have actually transformed me into a technically stronger professional.

My expertise

Well, while talking of the genres I specialize in, I must say I have been lucky enough to have got to work on almost all of them. Ranging from celebrities to contemporary weddings (candids), portraits, lifestyle, modeling portfolios, stage shows, theatre, products & fashion; I have done them all! Yet, I have a favorite too… Of them all, i love capturing kids. Their innocence & vibrance have always amused me. Capturing those quick, spontaneous expressions is also highly challenging.

My gears

A truly skilled photographer is determined not by highly expensive gadgets but by his ability to capture moments and expressions at the perfect juncture without losing out on their essence at any situation. This is my belief system. Nevertheless, there are some basic gadgets everyone needs to use & so do i. I generally shoot using

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